English Language Department

We realize the significance gained by English language throughout the past years that it became international circle of universities and educational institutions. As a result, we select our English programs simulating the market needs as followed.

  1. Regular English program: where students launch a two-year diploma divided into two hours daily from beginner – advance level. We are proud of our TOEFL holders who achieved high scores. We have approved authorized curriculums by American and British Universities and educational institutions, and we regularly revise the ways of the book teaching to reach a higher pack of development which guarantees the student process positively in speaking, listing, reading and writing. Up until now we have qualified more than ten thousands students in deferent levels. And currently we use the following curriculum.
  1. SEEDS Intensive English program (SIEP) where students complete the whole diploma in one year starting from beginner to advance in 4 hours a day.
  2. Special Courses: SEEDS offers and designs programs for different business sections according to each needs such as correspondent letters, administration communication, English accounting, money exchanging and credential etc. It is possible for any institution or company to assign us to evaluate the wanted program to specify the needs and build suggestions for it , and in case of approving them , we start making the methodologies and apply them after signing the contract.

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