First, SEEDS is proud of its outstanding administrative team that operates according to the best standards of quality

Second, SEEDS is proud of its carefully chosen national and international trainers and teachers with whom SEEDS cooperates to precisely implement the educational and training programs. The programs are accurately implemented to accomplish the goals of SEEDS and its customers.

Third, SEEDS is proud of  its wide range of customers in both private and public sectors in addition to organizations, and individuals who trust us and whom we are proud to serve. We have provided services to the following:

  1. Public Telecommunications Establishment
  2. Small and micro enterprises Development Agency
  3. Yemen foundation for employment (Sana’a and Taiz)
  4. Amran Bureau
  5. Social Fund for Development
  6. Modern Pharmaceutical Company
  7. Research and Educational DevelopmentCenter (Sana’a and Aden)
  8. Altadamin Islamic Bank
  9. Islamic Bank of Yemen
  10. IbnSina Hospital
  11. Development Program
  12. Tadhamon Hospital
  13. Amid-East Organization
  14. Conciliation and Arbitration Center
  15. AlJeelAlJadeed Group
  16. CSC Yemen
  17. Social Reform Association charity
  18. Ministry of Civil Service
  19. GTZ German
  20. Heritage Fund
  21. Presidency of the Republic
  22. Electricity Corporation … and others

Fourth: SEEDS high quality outputs which are implemented to our clients in various majors aresuch a pride source where we measure the quality regularly considering it a big distinction.

Fifth: SEEDS is proud of work mechanism and clear instructions prepared as a manual by an administrative expert. Also, policy, employment description and laws guide which organizes training, educational and administrative operations.

Sixth: SEEDS is proud of its capacity of containing students in 28 halls equipped with modern facilities and designed for financial administrative and English teaching placed in both the main building and the branch. We can host more than 1800 English students within one course and more than 300 trainee in Business Edge program, finance and administrative training at one time usinga variety of equipment such as sound and vision tools, network-connected computers, televisions and DVDs where needed. Also, we offer more than 100 modern computer-connected to a network server for teaching computerprograms and skillsas ICDL, Cambridge programs in computer skills and IT, and computer maintenance programs.


Seventh: SEEDS is proud of the English electronic library and the main library located in the main building that provide students with curriculums and study facilities which the student/trainee needs.

Eighth: SEEDS is proud of providing cafeterias parceledout in both main building and the branch serving hot/cool beverages and snacks. We are highly committed to general health standards.

Ninth:SEEDS is proud of having such a spacious yard (garden) where students can rest located in the main building and the branch besides separated places for males and females to pray (masjids) for our services to be completed.



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